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Convert Website Visitors Into Qualified Business

Our live chat software combines 24/7 online messaging with human agents to make it convenient for prospective leads to get in contact with your business.

40% More Website Leads

Engage website visitors and convert them immediately into qualified prospects for your business with live chat.

Pay-Per-Lead Pricing

No long-term contracts. Pay for qualified leads. $50 monthly-minimum.

24/7 Live Chat Coverage

ApexChat has you covered 24/7. We've seen on average 42 percent of leads converted via live chat take place after the typical business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Increase Web Engagement

Live chat takes your hard-earned website traffic and turns them into qualified prospects for your business.

Key Service Features

SMS Text-to-Chat

Text-to-Chat adds a "Text Us" option to your mobile site. Our agents proceed to engage mobile visitors who tap the CTA. Users capture up to 34% more mobile leads!

Call Connect

Our agents connect visitors to your firm's phone directly from chats. It's convenient for prospects and removes gaps in the application process.

Google My Business Integration

Unlock the "Message" button inside Google Maps & Google Search to let customers interact with your business whenever they want, wherever they are.

Facebook Integration

One client's legal leads from Facebook's "Message Us" CTA converted to clients 4x more frequently than other Facebook leads after integrating ApexChat & Messenger.

Exit Pop-Up

Exit Pop-Up detects when visitors are navigating away and offers one last chance to chat. It can increase website leads by up to 30%!

CRM Integrations

We offer full integration with many CRM systems in use. Once a chat's been completed, all relevant information is organized and sent to your CRM for you.

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Capture 40% More Website Leads

24/7 live chat software & messaging service designed to engage your visitors and capture more leads.


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Call: 904-414-3978

Email Us:

Call: 904-414-3978

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