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Key Benefits and Features:

An Exit Popup is a message that displays to visitors as they're attempting to leave your site 

Using mouse-tracking technology, Exit Popup detects when a visitor is about to navigate away from your site

Apexchat agents conduct the chats on your behalf

Relevent lead information is emailed to you 

Serving 8,000+ Businesses

Some of the most nationally recognized businesses use ApexChat.

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Phone: 888-510-0297

How it works

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Designed to Capture More Leads

How it Works:


Collects lead information before visitors leave your site

Reduces site abandonment by recognizing when a visitor is about to leave your site

General Exit Popup Stats:

According to one study, 10 to 15% of lost visitors can be saved by using Exit Popups

You can gather 10x more email addresses than you could with a normal form

Customer case Study:

Early ApexChat pilot customers saw a 15%+ increase in desktop conversions